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Our Services

A professional installation will set your home apart from others. Our installation process is simple yet effective. We install floating floors, glue-down floors and nail-down floors. We take pride in our quality of work and guarantee every single step of our installation process.  

If you are looking for a way to upgrade your home; new steps might be the way. Adding new or refinishing hardwood stairs will increase the value of your home significantly. A very simple yet elegant detail which can give new life to your home. Replacing carpeted or refinishing stair-threads. 

With our sand and finish service you can make your old floors look new and fresh again. We can refinish any type of hardwood from Brazilin Cherry to Maple Wood. We work with a 99.7% dustless system which create an amazing atmosphere to work in. It is a quick and effective process to save your current Hardwood Floors. 

Handrails Refinish 

Handrails are just as important as any part of your home. They are unique and sit alone having their own style and look. We can refinish any handrails to match your hardwood floors or you wood stairs. Handrails are a very detailed craft in which we take a lot of pride in our quality of work. 

Flooring Repairs 

It might you truly love your current floors, however, accidents happen. We can replace planks of flooring or even replace a whole area. We can also do small repairs in sand and finish. Another option is recoating of hardwood which is a good way to repair floors when there is a lot of traffic in them.  


A simple and quick way to upgrade your home is update your Balusters. Might that wood or iron Balusters we install them all. A pattern and a different style of Balusters will set your home apart from other and brin in the unique style to compliment your floors, stairs, or handrails. 


Metro Atlanta

North Georgia 




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